What We Do

Our projects

Esthers Rising is currently in the process of raising funds to build our residential restorative care home. We are also excited to announce the creation of our Free23 program!


We believe that the only way human trafficking will ever end is if everyone is aware of the signs. It currently takes place in every country and every state. It’s right in our back yards and most of the time we have no idea. Please contact us if your church or organization would be willing to have us speak to spread awareness.

Long-Term Healing

The goal of Esthers Rising is to see child survivors nurtured through the process of healing from the point of rescue to thriving survivors. We plan to do this through a three-phase program.


Free23 is a program of Esthers Rising providing restorative care services for adolescent girls who are at risk for or have experienced sexual exploitation or sex trafficking.

What does Free23 mean?

Free23 refers to Psalm 23. It is a symbol of God's righteousness and redemption. It is the perfect balance between justice and mercy.

What does it provide?

Our Free23 program provides the following services:
- Trauma counseling
- Group therapy
- Equine therapy
- Art therapy
- Advocacy
- Support services
- Safety planning
- Crisis response
- Skills classes
- Education
- Awareness
- Recreational outings


An emergency shelter for girls who are rescued from sex trafficking or sexual exploitation. Here their immediate physical and emotional needs will be met.


A long-term healing center where child survivors are given trauma counseling, education, and medical care.


A place to develop life skills and move toward successful independent living.

Want to make a difference?

Help us build the restorative care home.