Meet the Founders

Founders Suzi and Cheri have been working and praying and advocating for Esthers Rising from the time the burden was laid on their hearts to the laborious process of bringing it into a tangible reality. This short post will give you a glimpse into the path that brought them to this vital ministry.

Suzi Kremer: Suzi Kremer has a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice from South Dakota State University. She has worked for South Dakota Child Protection Services, overseeing the transitional living program. She worked as a home-based counselor with a local mental health organization and has taught Common Sense Parenting classes. Most recently, she was the administrative assistant for the local school district administration office. Suzi is a wife to Chad, and mom of 3. She also helps with the daily tasks for Kremer Buffalo.

Suzi first learned about human trafficking on a mission trip to Africa in 2009. Her heart for justice was stirred and she knew she was called to do something about it. She quit her job in June of 2016 and moved into what God was leading her to do. 

As Suzi was driving one day, she was thanking God for shining light in the darkness to expose those who are traffickers and in turn free the captives. She heard God whisper, “You keep believing that these kiddos will be set free. Where are they going to go then?”

Cheri Hartman: Cheri attended Colorado Christian University undergraduate and has a bachelor’s degree from Black Hills State University in Elementary and Middle School Education. She has taken graduate courses through University of South Dakota, University of Sioux Falls, Dakota State University, and BHSU. She taught elementary school for 15 years. She has worked as Director of the Custer Youth House and as the Intake Coordinator at Teen Challenge girls youth facility. Cheri is a wife and mom of four and grandma of 1. She also helps with the family construction business and is very involved in her local church and ministry.

Cheri has had a heart for kids since a young age. She knew that after being in education for several years, God had other things for her to do. 

At a meeting in October of 2020, all of Suzi and Cheri’s experience and passion came together and they knew they were called to establish a safe house and restorative care home for girls who have been sex trafficked.

Both Suzi and Cheri serve on the West River Anti-Trafficking Task Force and have received training in ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Informed Care) and by The Association for Recovery of Children. Both have volunteered for community anti-trafficking prevention and awareness projects.

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