Update from the Founders

“What a Wild Ride”

In October, Esthers Rising celebrated two years since the vision was birthed in our hearts. You may remember us sharing that it was on October 6, 2020 when Suzi and Cheri attended a meeting to find out what was happening to fight trafficking in our area and came out knowing that we were called to open a restorative care home for kids who have been trafficked.  

In two years’ time, we and our dedicated team of volunteers have been fundraising, networking, sharing the vision, speaking at churches and community groups, and laying foundational groundwork.  

As we reflect on the last two years, there have been hills and valleys. We have had times in which we feel completely inadequate, BUT GOD! When we question what direction to go and how to prioritize tasks ahead, He continues to direct and provide the answers and resources.  As an organization, we are learning the importance of having the right people in the right positions. As individuals, God is refining us as we walk out the mission and vision.  

We are taking the time to lay the groundwork and doing things in a way that are stainable for Esthers Rising. This has taken patience and perseverance as we trust God’s perfect timing. 

We always go back to why we are doing what we are doing and keep our focus on Him who has called us. 

We know we are not to take our foot off the gas! 


Suzi Kremer & Cheri Hartman

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